How it Works

How The League Works


The League will be for players between the ages of 13-19 years old (Current seniors can play!). All players will go through a tryout procedure to ensure they have what it takes to play in The League. We have had a lot of success with younger players and there are options to be a developmental player that can take advantage of the great coaching and development available. First step is to tryout!

Tryout Dates:

Tryouts will begin in March. They will be one day tryouts. The first tryouts will be by invitation only, ensuring that every great player in the area has an opportunity to make a team. If you think you have what it take to earn a VIP tryout CLICK HERE to give us your info. The third try out will be an open tryout.

Application/Video Review for VIP Tryout:

Before anyone can earn a VIP try out, they must submit an application. On that application, the player has the option to submit Hudl Highlights or a workout video. Those films will be reviewed by our selection committee before the tryouts and will be used in addition to the tryout as an evaluation tool.

Submit your application by CLICKING HERE


All players will try out once at a centralized site. All of the coaches and general managers will be at the tryout. After the tryout, there will be a league draft, in which players will be selected by different teams. In that talent will be a major factor, a player’s proximity of hometown and the fact that he may want to play with teammates and/or friends will come into consideration. Players will be placed on teams and if they are not happy with their placement, we will do everything in our power to make sure he is on a team that he feels comfortable on.


There will be approximately 40 players per roster.


Once the roster is selected in late March, practice begins in early April. The minimum amount of practice per week will be two evening sessions so that players who are playing other sports can also play in The League.


The first game will be the 3rd Sunday, in April. There will be games on the next four Sundays, with the final Sunday being Championship weekend, The League will be done before Memorial Day.


League Cost: For the second consecutive season, we are proud to say that we are keeping the cost of the league under $1000. Compared to other youth organizations that charge 3 to 4 times the price (club soccer and lacrosse, AAU baseball and basketball, and various hockey leagues), we are a fraction of the price of what those leagues charge. Add the fact that we are using professional coaches, playing at the best possible sites, with college referees, this is a great product for the price. 

Our season tuition is $995, which includes:

  • 2 months of top notch field rentals for practices and games
  • Paid coaching staffs consisting of former/current NCAA coaches and players (no parent volunteers; real coaches!)
  • College D1 FBS referees for every game
  • certified trainers at every practice
  • Medical doctors at every game
  • HUDL film availability for every player
  • paid support staff to send out recruiting materials to hundreds of college coaches


All Players are eligible for the League. You must tryout to be placed on a team.

Sport Medicine:

Certified trainers will attend every practice and all games.

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